TTouch Workshops

In a one day Level 1 TTouch Workshop you will learn some basic techniques to help calm your dog, release tension and deepen your bond with your dog.

You will learn;

  • A brief history of TTouch
  • Observations; reading the subtle signals your dog shows to communicate how they are feeling, tension patterns and how they can link to behaviour.
  • Ground Work Activities to help your dog focus and improve their balance and posture.
  • Some basic TTouches and slides to start you on your TTouch journey with your dog.

No previous knowledge of TTouch is required to attend.

Dogs attending must be able to cope in an environment with other dogs and people. If you are unsure of your dogs suitability then please get in touch to discuss it further. Workshops are kept to a maximum of 5 dog places (plus 1 handler per dog) with additional non-handler spaces available. Our workshops are fully interactive so if you can’t bring your dog for whatever reason there will be plenty of chances to get hands on!

Upcoming Dates

  • TTouch for Dogs – Level 1, 28th October 2018 – Strensham Village Hall, WR8 9LJ.
  • TTouch for Dogs – Level 1, 24th March 2019 – Strensham Village Hall, WR8 9LJ.
  • TTouch for Dogs – Level 1 , 21st April 2019 – Strensham Village Hall, WR8 9LJ.

Level 2 Workshops will come later in the year.

We also offer talks and workshops for events, vets and clubs around the country all of which go towards your CPD!

Want to host a workshop or talk? Then please get in touch and we will gladly take you through everything you need to know.

Coming soon in 2019 – Canine Home Massage Workshop!