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Sally Hammond

Milo had already been to the vet with a suspected trapped nerve in his spine and was unwilling to jump onto low level things and was cowering away from me when I went to touch him. He was given diazepam and anti-inflammatories and was then cleared for Gemma to treat him. Milo was quite nervous on his first treatment but Gemma worked at his pace and he gradually relaxed. She identified and treated an issue in his groin area and left us with some exercises to help him further. Milo changed massively over 4 treatments, both in his confidence with Gemma, his range of movement, flexibility and willingness to jump again. I would definitely use All About the Dog – Therapy for both of my dogs and know that they will be treated calmly and professionally by Gemma

Si Boardman

Gemma builds an almost instant rapport with Dogs that seems to be an instant friendship. Her knowledge, compassion and practical skills are tremendous. One thing with Gemma is that she doesn't sit back either, she is constantly striving to increase her knowledge and skills in order to help Dogs enjoy life to the full. Lucky Dogs,!

Simon Haworth

Gemma has worked wonders on our reactive dog, and although she's still a work in progress (the dog, that is!), we're so happy to have found someone we can trust to work with Poppy, at her pace, leading her gently through all the things she finds scary. I have to admit that I was sceptical about TTouch at first, but having been to Gemma's seminar and seen it in action, it's amazing. The difference it has made to Poppy is incredible, she's so much more relaxed and will literally collapse in a heap after a session! Can't recommend highly enough!

Donna White

If you are browsing these reviews, looking for a solution for a behavioural problem with your dog, then I have good news for you, you have found it! I have an ex-street dog , who had a problem with being reactive in certain situations . I was beside myself with worry. Instead of me enjoying walks with my dog, I felt I had to isolate her from anywhere or anything she may react to, that included; people on bikes, small spaces, people who used walking sticks, joggers and in  particular men. I then came across Gemma's site . She seemed to be offering something different . Right from my initial contact with Gemma, I could tell that here was someone who genuinely, understood the problem I had, someone who cared deeply and was committed to resolving my problem . I had heard of TTouch, but had never seen it demonstrated before. Gemma took so much time, to patiently demonstrate the movements to me and, in great detail, explain everything I would need to know to enable me to actually start practicing this remarkable therapy myself on my dog. Not only did Gemma use TTouch, but she also showed me many positive training tricks I could use, to gently help my dog to become less fearful and more emotionally balanced. After only a few sessions with Gemma, and a new confident me putting in the work I needed to do, my dog has changed into a much happier, more confident, playful and balanced little girl . I now feel relaxed  taking her out, rather than worrying about her reacting badly. Now she just looks to me for reassurance, and at my word, is happy  to walk on from a situation that she couldn't cope with in the past. Please don't hesitate to contact Gemma, you will not be sorry you did, I promise you . You will know as soon as you meet her, that she is the most supportive, kind, caring and talented lady you could wish to meet.

Val Garside

Ted and I met Gemma on a reactive dog training course, Gemma thought Ted would benefit from Tellington Touch. How right she was, Ted loves it and is responding so well. Our walks have gone from being a nightmare to enjoyable, neither of us are so fearful of walking in open spaces where there may be other dogs. TT is certainly working for us, Ted would have no issues in recommending Gemma. Thank you Gemma Ted and I think your awesome.

Lynne Williams

We desperately needed answers to some very unusual behaviour issues we were having with our much loved Georgie. Improvements came like a flood after Gemma's second visit, they have happened so fast it was hard to keep up with the positive changes. Every day has seen a growth in confidence with Georgie and the difference in such a short space of time is beyond our hopes. We thought we had a reactive dog but not any more. Don't hang back if you think you might need some help because you will find the answers you need right here!!!

Ferb Basset

Amazing results in a really short space of time. Gemma tailors her advice to the individual dog, it's not just "one advice fits all". Over the two weeks spent working with Gemma at the Happy Dog Training Company sessions in Tewkesbury went from having a Basset Hound who would pull and bark to a Basset Hound who is enjoying his walks. Gemma taught all about TTouch and also about how to work with my Basset Hound when we encounter other dogs. We actually went looking for other dogs in the park yesterday so we could practice !!!

Susan Stievenart

We are so pleased that we decided to have Gemma do some TTouch on Ruby. She was a very anxious little dog who found new people, new situations and travelling in the car very stressful. Since we have had a few sessions of TTouch she is much more relaxed on walks, she is no longer carsick when she goes in the car and she coped so well on our recent camping trip that I hardly knew she was the same dog. Gemma's advice and suggestions were amazing and she really knows how to encourage an owner. Whenever she left I felt validated as a good owner and I had strategies to try which were easy to achieve. Thank you so much for your help Gemma. We truly appreciate it.

Lisa Marie Appleby

My goodness to say Gemma is a miracle worker would be an understatement. She is gandhi for dogs!!! Gemma worked with hattie for weeks to get her to a level where hattie was so relaxed and chilled. Even in her mouth which is crazy to think about considering she's reactive. Gemma gave amazing techniques for us to learn and use to enable Hattie to become an amazing young dog. Thank you Gemma xxx

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