First Session - £80

The first session is always slightly longer, lasting between 60 – 90 minutes. This is because I will spend time assessing/observing your dog closely, looking for changes in coat patterns, colour, texture, dry or greasiness, is it bright, dull or patchy? I will look at their posture; how they hold themselves in sitting, standing or lying down positions and general conformation.

If I am able to touch your dog I will also be feeling for possible warm or cool areas, fluidity of skin, “no go” areas as well as areas of under/over developed or tight muscle and how your dog moves and interacts with their surroundings. We will discuss current equipment you use with your dog, collar or harness and leads, beds, bowl, food and current routine. ​ Starting with basic ground work to help settle and gain your dogs focus, I will work with you and your dog using the Tellington TTouch method in the form of TTouches, Lifts and Slides tailored to help your dog release tension, improve posture and therefore behaviour. Guiding you through it step by step so that you can carry on working between sessions.

Within a few days of our session you will receive a detailed write up of my observations and a therapy plan. Not only that, I will also be available to you for any advice or reassurance between sessions should you need it, completely free of charge.

To book a session please complete the Case History form below and email it to

Download case history, here.

Follow-up Sessions - £60

During this session we will talk about progress made and any changes you may have noted since the previous one. Reassess your dog then recap over ground and body work and making any adjustments where necessary. Session length usually lasts about 60 minutes. ​

***Note: Session lengths may vary as they are completely guided by your dog.

​ Location: Sessions can take place at a location of your choosing, home, garden, at a local hall or park so long as your dog is comfortable – hire of location to be met by the client.

Additional Costs: An additional charge of 45p per mile will apply if you live outside of a 10 mile radius of Tewkesbury. This is to cover fuel and time spent travelling.

Saver Packages

  • Package 1: 1st session, plus 2 Follow-ups = £180.
  • Package 2: 3 Follow-ups = £160.


Workshop details and prices are available upon request along with terms and conditions. Take a look at the Workshop page for details on workshop content, forthcoming venues and dates.

If you need something different or not sure what you require then please contact us and I will do my best to help you.