Behaviour Solutions, Canine Massage & Rehabilitation.

We offer Behaviour Solutions, Canine Massage & Rehabilitation in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. We work with the WHOLE dog to improve its health, fitness, general well being and behaviour and can help to rehabilitate your dog after illness, injury or surgery.

How can we help your dog?

  • Tellington TTouch is a respectful way of working with animals which improves a variety of behavioural issues such as fear, anxiety, reactivity, pulling on the lead, hyperactivity for example (there are many other ways it can also help) and increases the bond between dog and owner. TTouch recognizes the link between posture and behaviour and by working with the WHOLE dog problems can in most cases be alleviated.
  • That’s not all – Our specialized walk & train service for dogs that need a little extra training, help & support  both physically, emotionally and mentally have proved really popular. We walk reactive/ anxious dogs, elderly dogs and dogs that just require a little extra space, need extra training and have specific rehabilitation plans for dogs with injuries where we gradually build up their strength and fitness so they are able to return to group walks with their friends.
  • We are also Canine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapists! Using canine remedial massage, fitness and rehabilitation exercises we can improve your pet, show or sporting dogs fitness, stave off injury, help them recover quicker from injury or surgery, relieve pain of arthritic joints and sore muscles that come with aging, improve mobility, helping to calm and relax your canine companion. Keeping your dog in tip top condition is paramount to us!
  • NEW to All About the Dog – Therapy and to Tewkesbury  – Botanical Self-healing for dogs! We are in the final stages of our studies and are able to offer sessions in botanical self-healing (aka applied zoopharmacognosy) to help your dog facilitate its own innate ability to self select what they need to find their spiritual, emotional, social and physical equlibrium.

What our Customers Say

Sally Hammond

Milo had already been to the vet with a suspected trapped nerve in his spine and was unwilling to jump onto low level things and was cowering away from me […]

Si Boardman

Gemma builds an almost instant rapport with Dogs that seems to be an instant friendship. Her knowledge, compassion and practical skills are tremendous. One thing with Gemma is that she […]

Simon Haworth

Gemma has worked wonders on our reactive dog, and although she’s still a work in progress (the dog, that is!), we’re so happy to have found someone we can trust […]
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